Rapport at Espoprofessioni – Lugano

Rapport videos were shown at Espoprofessioni, an exhibition taking place every year in Lugano and aimed at spreading information about vocational training opportunities in Ticino Canton and in some other areas of Switzerland.
Participants in the exhibition feature schools, educational and training associations and institutions. Visitors can talk to apprentices, students, teachers and experts to gather information and ask questions. Moreover, wide range of audiovisual and written informative material concerning vocational training is offered to visitors.
The exhibition’s main target audience consists of middle school students from the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, who are approaching the end of compulsory education programme, and will soon have to decide whether to continue studying, or to choose a vocational training option.
Besides, Espoprofessioni targets the students’ teachers and parents, who play a key role in facilitating them taking such an important decision.
Informative material about Rapport was available in the exhibition and the video interviews produced by partner organisations were shown.