Rapport project (Building rapport to prevent early school leaving) is a multilateral project cofunded by the European Commission, under the Lifelong Learning Programme, and in particular under the Comenius action, which aims at improving the quality of teaching and education opportunities in schools at European level. Rapport was designed and is being implemented by a consortium consisting of 8 organisations, based in 8 different European countries, whose details are introduced in the partners page.

The general objective of Rapport project is fighting early school leaving at European level, trying to prevent it by enhancing students’ perception of the importance of completing school education. In particular, the project aims at bringing witnesses and real life experiences into schools, to let students see and hear from young adults what education meant for them.

Therefore, the main result of the project will be a set of videos interviews to relevant testimonials who will describe their experience with regards to school education. The videos will be brought into local schools by project partner organisations, in order to test their actual effectiveness and the degree to which they fulfill the target group’s learning needs. All the video interviews will also be published and available for use as resources by teachers and youth workers.

Moreover, a selection of best practices available in Europe to fight early school leaving will be produced and made available for schools.

Finally, newsletters, news about project progress, and relevant material will be published and made available on the website.

All the project results’ will be published on the resources page of this website.